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    • “ComfortWay” has launched a new reward program for our customers. It’s the easiest way to get Free and Unlimited Mobile Internet during your trips!

      Now every client has a partner link which can be shared with friends and other people. Place this link in Facebook, Twitter, forums, E-mails and other social media. Every purchase of “ComfortWay” device by this link provides €15 reward on your account.

      Your partner link is . Last 6 digits is your device ID. It’s specified on the back panel after “ComfortWay” word.

      If you like our product, don’t hesitate to recommend it to your friends and partners, and get multiple €15 rewards on your account. Combine business with pleasure)

    • Book hotels, tickets, cars and excursions for your trip at http://comfortway.com and get FREE MOBILE INTERNET around the world.


      It's very easy:


      1. Select your favourite booking system from the list below:

      • Booking.com (bonus 5 % of booking cost, 20 EUR max)
      • HRS.com (bonus 5 % of booking cost, 20 EUR max)
      • Excursiopedia.com (16,000+ excursions worldwide). Bonus 5 % of booking cost, 20 EUR max
      • Affordable Car Hire (15,000+ car rental locations worldwide). Bonus 10 % of booking cost, 30 EUR max
      • iWayEx.com (5,000+ transfers worldwide). Bonus 5 % of booking cost, 20 EUR max


      Pay attention: please click on the links above only at http://comfortway.com in order to get the bonus.


      2. Fill out the short form below: enter ID of your ComfortWay device, your booking number and booking cost. Device ID is specified at the back panel.


      3. Your balance will be topped up with bonus sum depending on the booking cost.


      Not enough Internet traffic? Ask your friends to make bookings at http://comfortway.com, receive their booking numbers and activate additional bonuses. Enjoy FREE and UNLIMITED Mobile Internet around the world!


      Pay attention: in case of booking cancellation your bonus will be cancelled too. Thank you for understanding!

    • Enter name and phone number starting with country code.
      Sample: "Alex 1 (415) 125500".
      Cost is 0.05 € per message

    • Enter name and phone number starting with country code.
      Sample: "Alex 1 (415) 125500".
      You will receive incoming call. Please answer the call and wait for connection with call receipient.
      Cost is 0.1 € per minute.
      Incoming call is charged according to your mobile operator rates.

    • If you like the device and want to save on Internet roaming fees during your future travels across the European Union, just click "Buy" button, specify your hotel and pay 99 € via credit / debit card or Paypal.


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      Enjoy Mobile Internet across the European Union without roaming fees:

      • Pay-as-you-go Tariff Plan: 5 EUR per day, 150 Mb is included.
      • Internet bonuses are available after booking hotels, tickets or excursions. For example, if you book a hotel in any country for 200 EUR, you’ll get Free Mobile Internet throughout the whole EU for 2 days (300 Mb).


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