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    • “ComfortWay” has launched a new reward program for our customers. It’s the easiest way to get Free and Unlimited Mobile Internet during your trips!

      Now every client has a partner link which can be shared with friends and other people. Place this link in Facebook, Twitter, forums, E-mails and other social media. Every purchase of “ComfortWay” device by this link provides €15 reward on your account.

      Your partner link is . Last 6 digits is your device ID. It’s specified on the back panel after “ComfortWay” word.

      If you like our product, don’t hesitate to recommend it to your friends and partners, and get multiple €15 rewards on your account. Combine business with pleasure)




      What is "ComfortWay" device?

      It's mobile Internet across the European Union for 0.07 € per Mb. No contract, no daily or monthly fees. Extra traffic can be bought by credit card or Paypal at the starting page.

      International calls for 0.1 € per minute and SMS for 0.05 .


      Quick access to touristic information and easy booking of useful services:

      • Individual and group excursions
      • Discount coupons for popular shops
      • Restaurants with national cuisine
      • Inexpensive souvenir shops


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      Free delivery to European countries within 4 business days.


      Sales price: 59 € (5 Gb in Czech Republic are included in the price).

      Additional information you can read under section "F.A.Q." at the homepage.


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